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For 25 years the T.A.S. Tutoring-Aid Society (TAS) has been providing tutoring to students who could not otherwise afford it. Although we are a small charity, we make a big difference in our student’s lives. And you are, in large part, responsible!

The T.A.S. Tutoring-Aid Society (TAS) was accorded Charity status in May of 1990, and has been helping students in need ever since. This 2015/16 school year we are providing one hour of tutoring per week (during the school year) to about 26 students. These students come to us from all over the Metro Vancouver area, and range in grades from 2 to 12. In addition, we have two tutoring programs. One is a homework club run out of Mount Pleasant Elementary school in Vancouver and the other is a Tutoring Program run out of Holly Elementary School in Surrey. This second program is run for immigrant students, including new Syrian refugees, who require language tutoring support.  “Recognizing that children of recent immigrants and refugees, Aboriginal children, children of female lone-parent families, children in racialized families and children with a disability, are at greater risk of living in poverty, efforts should also be targeted to achieve major reductions in poverty levels for these populations” (BC-Child-Poverty-Report-Card-First-All-FactSheet9-2015-11.pdf).

No matter how good the student, there is usually a subject, or concepts within a subject, that the student will find difficult to grasp. Today’s common practice is to hire a tutor to help. Some students require very little help, while others need fairly extensive tutoring. But what of those students whose financial situations put any amount of tutoring out of reach? This is where TAS comes in – to help fund tutoring for those who can’t afford it. The TAS mission is: “to fund tutoring for students whose potential remains unrealized because of financial constraints”; the TAS vision is “to create a community where no student will be denied tutoring for lack of money”.

Our mission and vision statements are fairly lofty given the amount of children in Metro Vancouver who cannot begin to afford a tutor. “Overall, one in five MV children (20%) were poor, similar to the provincial average, with rates varying by census tract” (BC-Child-Poverty-Report-Card-First-All-FactSheet9-2015-11.pdf). TAS would like to see a city where money is not a barrier to academic success.

Of course we all know that school is about more than just an academic education. There is a social education to be obtained as well. Poverty is a barrier to both, and a lack of education is closely linked to poverty. While the T.A.S. Tutoring-Aid Society can’t address all the areas being poor impacts, it can help address a student’s academic success. But by giving a student a chance to prove him/herself academically, many, many other successes will follow.

One family who has been the recipient of TAS tutoring writes the following:

T.A.S has greatly impacted Ali and Hassan’s lives, as it has given them hope that they can be successful in school; that they can achieve their goals and dreams. T.A.S is extremely important to Ali and Hassan, as it has helped them improve in school. As a result, both Ali and Hassan enjoy going to school and furthering their knowledge and experience. They clearly see their potential, and are no longer afraid to develop goals and carry out their ambitions. Thank you very much for granting us this opportunity.

Teachers’ Tutoring Service is the main funding body for TAS. Fifty cents of each tutoring hour is donated to the T.A.S. Tutoring-Aid Society, and Teachers’ Tutoring Service donates 100 percent of the administrative costs of TAS. This means that if you hire a tutor from Teachers’ Tutoring Service you are helping to support a student in need. We also accept direct donations! To donate to TAS please visit the Tutoring Aid Society web page (www.tutoringaidsociety.ca) or call us directly.