Efficient Service

I hope this email finds you well.  My name is Edmond Y.  I appreciate how efficient your service connects me to well-trained tutors and I had a wonderful tutoring experience with Dan B. during the past several months. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate your assistance. 


University Math

Edmond Y.

Very Satisfied

I had my first session with Lisa L for university level statistics on the weekend. Thanks for your suggestions. Lisa is extremely knowledgeable on the topic, and teaches at a pace that suits my needs. I’m very satisfied with her instruction, and will be continuing services with her.
Thanks again for your help in finding a tutor.


University Statistics

Melissa D.

My teacher and my friend.

I truly appreciate Meguido Z.’s help. I learnt a lot from him and I trust him. We know that he cares about us. …..He’s a very nice and responsible teacher. He’s not only my teacher, but also my teacher and my friend. I thank him again!


English 10

From a satisfied client

Thank You!

So we scheduled Jeremy R. for our Math 10 tutor and I must say my daughter absolutely loves his teaching style.  She says he is humorous and his pace is perfect and he explains things really well. Thank you!


Math 10

Janet M.

Thank You!

Hi Gerry, Thanks for all your help! I received a 91% final grade in the course and a 10/10 on the optics lab!


Physics 11

Kylie S.

Highly Recommended

I would like to share a testimonial on behalf of my son Mark who recently was tutored by Silviu – I reached out to Silviu Z. to get support with my Pre-Calculus 12 course. With Silviu’s help, I was able to understand challenging concepts, get insights into the course content, and as a result, I received high marks on quizzes and tests. His lectures were well-organized and broken down into steps for easy compreshension. I highly recommend Silviu to those who need support in their Pre-Calculus 12 courses.


Math, Pre-Calculus 12

Ivanka S.

Expertise tutoring.

My son excelled in grade 11 math thanks to John’s care and professionalism. His teaching style is efficient and encouraging. My son especially appreiated John’s expertise in breaking down challenging concepts. Thank you for the referral!


Math, Pre-Calculus 11
Lisa S.

Incredible difference.

John B. has been tutoring my son in Pre-Cal 12 and has made an incredible difference in my son’s confidence and his understanding of the curriculum. My son says he explains concepts very thoroughly and his mark has gone from being in the C range to the A range. He sends extra practise when we ask and records the lessons so my son can go over it again if needed. I really appreciate all the work he has done with my son.


Math Pre-Calculus 12
an email sent to us from a satisfied client

Great Service.

We had our first lesson with Vania yesterday and the children really liked her. Thank you so much for your suggestions. It is a great service.


Math 7/8
Olivia M.

Thank You!

Finding the Teachers’ Tutoring Service has been an absolute game changer for our family. The process of finding a tutor was efficient and easy. The teachers are all highly qualified and familiar with helping kids work through current school curriculums. Zahra is the first instructor that has been patient enough to teach math to our daughter in a way that she can actually understand. Instead of confusion and tears we now have smiles after math lessons.

Pre-Calculus Math 11

Nicole C.

Excellent Service

Excellent service, professional and great help. Ms. Vivian is an amazing teacher.

Grade 5

Suzana E.

Incredible Service

Thank you. This is an incredible service.


University Calculus
Ed Y.

Great Experience

Silviu Z. has tutored me for a few years and he has greatly helped increase my understanding of math and physics. He is very knowledgeable, knows common mistakes that students make, and can make difficult concepts easy to grasp. I highly recommend him to anyone needing help in math or physics!


Pre-calculus 11/12, Calculus 12, Physics 11/12
Megan W

Amazing experience

I contacted Silviu Z wanting help with completing my online Calculus course in order to meet the requirements of my acceptance to U of T. With the very short amount of time I had until the university required my final grade Silviu Z was able to deliver clear and concise lessons that made understanding the content a breeze. Many times Silviu Z was able to find mistakes in the questions of the online course that I and the online teacher had not been able to notice. Without the help, I doubt I would have been able to finish the course in time and with such a breadth of understanding. I highly recommend using Silviu and TTS to anyone!


Calculus 12
Sam M.

Great Experience

I have been tutoring with Silviu Z. since my 10th year in high school. He helped me in many different courses which include math 10, pre-calculus 11, pre-calculus 12, physics 11, physics 12, and now recently calculus 12. He is an excellent and very professional teacher who is profound at teaching and giving instructions. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is in need of a great teacher.


Math 10, Pre-calculus 11 & 12, Physics 11 & 12, Calculus 12
Gurjot D.

Highly recommended.

Ms. Hong Y. was an excellent tutor and a very good fit for my daughter, very high recommendations!


Physics, Grade 12
An email sent to us by a satisfied client.

Wonderful support.

Nadi T. has been tutoring my daughter Emily for the past 4 years, primarily in Calculus.  She also provided support in Physics Grades 11 and 12.  Nadi is thoughtful in her approach and really encouraged Emily through her learning.  She was extremely flexible and accommodating when we needed more support and found good teaching solutions during Covid 19.  The most important part for us was that she really connected with Emily and this facilitated a strong learning environment.  The end result is that Emily has been accepted to the University of Toronto and we are very grateful for Nadi’s support along the way!  I would not hesitate to recommend Nadi to any family looking to enhance their child’s learning experience in Math and Science.


Calculus, Grade 12
Susan P.

Thank you!

At the beginning of grade 11 when I began IB, my physics skills were quite weak and math was becoming much more intense compared to previous grades. We reached out to Silviu, and I could very quickly see the results. Silviu has knowledge and lots of experience with all topics covered in IB Math and IB Physics. Not only was he able to provide me with all the resources to succeed, he also provided advice and tips that will be useful all throughout university as well.

I highly recommend Silviu and TTS for those who need support in their IB classes.

A huge thank you!


IB Math SL and Physics HL
Valmay V.

A wonderful and highly skilled tutor

Our tutor from TTS is wonderful and highly skilled – a true educator. She is able to “zero in” on exactly where someone may be struggling or have a gap in their understanding and she is able to help fill in the missing pieces. She has been tutoring my daughter in French for about a year. In that time, my daughter’s French has steadily improved in all respects and her confidence is soaring! And she has fun learning. She has also helped my son ( who was already a strong student) to excel in Grade 12 French in preparation for university. Our experience had been very positive. I highly recommend to anyone who wants their child to grow their abilities and confidence in French to use the services from Teachers Tutoring Service. Thank you TTS!


French – high school
Sabrina V.

Amazing teachers!

Your service was fantastic – only wish we’d been in contact sNevena S. and Ian F. are both amazing teachers.  We couldn’t be happier!


Math, Grade 11 & Grade 5
An email sent to us by a satisfied client

A professional and enthusiastic teacher!

My daughter has followed Ms. Dawn P. learning English essay writing. The tutor is professional, skilled in essay writing, and thoughtful. My daughter loves her teaching so much!


English Writing Grade12
Krystal W.

Thank you!

My son had a lesson on Saturday with Ian F.  They got along wonderfully.  My son got off the 1 hour Zoom call with a HUGE smile on his face and was thrilled with Ian’s help.  Due to this, he did his review homework on the weekend to prep for a test on Monday and aced his review.  He got an “A” on his test!  We now have set up twice a week lessons with Ian.

Thank you so much for your assistance.


Math, Grade 9
An email sent to us by a satisfied client

Fantastic Service!

Your service was fantastic – only wish we’d been in contact sooner. Thank you!


Biology/Chemistry, Grade 11
An email sent to us by a satisfied client

Excellent response and great tutors.

We recently needed a science tutor for grade 9 and a math tutor for grade 7. Within 24 hours we had lists of three tutors each and started contacting the tutors. With online tutoring it is so much easier to find a time in the schedule.

Both tutors have been great and I appreciate the ease of paying through my bank without extra fees going to overhead.


Science 9, Math 7
Jason H.

Great Service

We enlisted the help of Elton L. – and he’s been great.  Thanks so much for the help – what a great service.


an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Science/Grade 10

Full Success as a Mature Student Thanks to TTS

I am a mature adult student who has gone back to school to complete my BBA. I am enrolled at BCIT. My math skills were weak until I found TTS and my tutor, Silviu. I received tutoring from Silviu for two courses at BCIT – Pre Calculus for Management (OMPT 5700) and Statistics for Business/Industry (OPMT 1197). These courses were both online as a result of Covid-19 and made it even harder to understand with that learning format.

Silviu is an extremely good teacher with vast knowledge of mathematics and statistics. He was able to simplify the learning concepts for me and teach me many math tricks so I gained speed for the final exams. His course lessons are very organized and broken down into steps that help you understand. His final reviews are extremely detailed and concise. He is also very patient and supportive. The whole experience gave me the skills and confidence I needed to be successful.

Thanks to Silviu at TTS I received 90% on my final in pre-calculus and 80% on my final in statistics.If you’re a mature adult student and looking for a tutor I highly recommend TTS and Silviu.


Pre Calculus for Management (OMPT 5700) -90%. Statistics for Business/Industry (OPMT 1197) -80%
Jason G.

Wonderful service and great teacher.

I heard about TTS from one of the school teachers. Within minutes after our phone call they provided us the names and contact of 3 teachers. We got a quick response from 2 of the teachers. We found Jas G. very efficient in his response and booked our lesson with him right away. He was very flexible and my daughter is very happy with him after the first lesson. We have had 2 lessons with him.  He is supporting her for Grade 12 Math and Chemistry 12. TTS made it possible to find quality teachers to support her needs. Thank you.


Chemistry 12, Math 12
Bhavna S.

Wonderful staff

This is the second time I have used this tutoring company and I am very pleased with the staff. Maryam is the last teacher we used for my daughter’s chemistry tutor, and she is all we needed for Chemistry. My daughter was very happy with the results.


Chemistry/First Year University

Great tutor

Just to let you know that Shiva is GREAT and my son is really enjoying working with him.


English/Grade 10
an email sent to us by a satisfied client

Competent, skilled tutors

Over the years, we have used TTS to obtain tutors for our children. Each time, TTS has responded quickly, given us a number of individuals to choose from, and made it possible to find quality teachers to support our kids in their studies. Thank you for a great service!



Calculus 12; Sciences 4-8
Myriam B.

Thank you!!

Dear TTS,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank your tutor Arthur H. for tutoring me in math and physics. I received a letter of acceptance into the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia – Vancouver campus!  It took awhile to reach here, but I am very excited to start this journey.


Math, Physics/Grade 11
A letter sent to us by a satisfied client

Thank you so much.

Thank you Nadi T. so much for all of your help this month.  Emmett said you are a great teacher – always clear instructions!  Have a good summer & I hope we will see you in the fall for more tutoring.

Thanks again!!


Math, Pre-Calculus, Grade 11
A letter sent to us by a satisfied client

Pleased with service.

I contacted the tutors you provided me with and they got back to me. I chose to work with Clara T. since she got back to me the fastest. We have had one session so far and it has gone very well and I am very happy. I was very pleased with your service because it was very easy and helpful! And all of the tutors were very nice when I contacted them.



Pre-Calculus Math/12
an email sent to us by a satisfied client

Thanks very much!

My daughter has most certainly become very confident in French over the past few months. And she has been getting full marks 10/10 in French.  Thanks very much Jeanette L. for tutoring and guiding her in French!  Merci!


French/Grade 11
Harneet R.

Thank you very much!!

I want to thank Jeanette L. for tutoring me this year. She made me more confident when it comes to speaking French. I learned so much from her that helped me succeed in French class. I am truly appreciative of all the time and effort she put into our tutoring lessons. Thank you very much Jeanette!


French/Grade 11
an email sent to us by a satisfied client

Patient tutor appreciated.

We appreciate a lot Meliza’s commitment when she tutors our daughter. Meliza is a very talented , creative, efficient and professional tutor. Our daughter is challenging, and few tutors and teachers have been able to manage her character and language barrier. Meliza handles smoothly and quickly the unpredictable tantrums while keeping the lessons interesting and engaging for our daughter.  Meliza has all the complex qualities a good teacher should have. She is also frank and honest. We find Meliza’s resume on Tutors Service to be modest for a tutor like her.

Many thanks for your work Meliza.


Primary Grade 3/4
an email sent to us by a satisfied client

Thank you so much!

Silviu Z. did an amazing job tutoring me for Pre-Calculus 12. I definitely understood the material much better and he answered any questions I had! He is very easy to contact and does all he can to help. Thank you!