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Teachers’ Tutoring Service helps you find the best tutors available. Our tutors are qualified to teach in BC, have tutoring experience and a good knowledge of the curriculum.

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At TTS there are no contracts or obligations – you and your tutor schedule your sessions based on your needs.

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    Not for Profit Tutoring
    in Vancouver

    Established in 1983, with the support of the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF), Teachers’ Tutoring Service (TTS) mandate is to provide students with one-to-one professional tutoring of a consistently high standard at a reasonable rate. Our over 200 tutors are BC Certified, and available to tutor students in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey and other areas of Metro Vancouver.

    BENEFIT #1

    BC Certified Teachers:

    Our tutors have professional teaching qualifications and are familiar with the BC curriculum.

    BENEFIT #2

    No commitments or contracts:

    When you hire a tutor with TTS there are no obligations – no contracts, no minimum requirements and no deposits are required.

    BENEFIT #3

    Superior staff and customer service:

    We are here to help you find the best tutor for your specific needs.  

    BENEFIT #4

    You select your tutor:

    We provide you with options and you chose the tutor that best suits your specific needs.

    BENEFIT #5

    Non Profit:

    We have been operating in the Greater Vancouver area for over 35 years as a non profit society of BC.   Our goal is to provide professional, quality affordable tutoring services.

    Interactive Tutoring is beneficial

    My daughter Naomi has had 2 tutoring sessions with Moira over the Christmas break.   Both sessions went very well.   My daughter was able to connect with Moira and understand her explanations.   Also, Moira’s style is very interactive as opposed to the teacher doing most of the talking and the student mainly listening. Moira seems to be very good at assessing where the lesson needs to go next. We plan to contact Moira for further assistance as required in the future. Thank you.


    Physics, Grade 11
    Tammy K.

    Knowledgeable Tutor

    This semester I had Silviu’s help in Stat 201 (Stats for the Life Sciences) at SFU. I have only done stats very briefly in the IB program in AA SL math. However, with his help and guidance, I got a very high mark. Silviu has helped me with many other courses in the past, and he is very knowledgeable and provides clear notes in Physics, Calculus, and Statistics. If you’re in need of a university level tutor in those subjects, reach out to Silviu Z or TTS!


    Stat 201, University
    Valmay V.

    Helpful Tutor

    Hi, my lesson last night with Azita went very well, I really enjoyed it. Her explanation was very helpful, and overall I thoroughly enjoyed the session. 


    Pre-Calculus Math, Grade 11
    Carly W.

    Awesome Tutor

    Hi we went with Sonia A. and have had two sessions with her so far. Another one scheduled for this Thursday. She is awesome!!!!!! Thank you so very much for recommending her. 😊


    Math, Grade 9
    Kim T.

    Great, helpful service

    We finally had our first session with Rachel and were really happy with her services. She was great with my kids and made the session fun and enjoyable for them.  We will be using her again!

    The TTS process overall has been really great, helpful and easy to use as well. 

    Thank you, 


    Primary 1 & 3
    Naida S.

    Great Match

    My daughter has had her second tutoring session with Nicole and really likes her. She says Nicole explains things very well and she really likes her as a person. Thanks so much for suggesting Nicole.


    Madeline S.
    Math, Pre-Calculus, 11

    Excellent Tutors

    Ron is an excellent tutor, and he has really helped Justine. I used to work for TTS, and I really liked it, so I’m so happy my own daughter has been able to benefit from their tutors.


    Lori F.
    Chemistry (College Level)

    Very happy with TTS’s service

    We’ve been very happy with your service over the years.


    Grade 10 Math
    Nicole S.

    Very accommodating and highly recommended

    I highly recommend TTS and Silviu Z. I have had Silviu as my math and physics tutor for 3 years, he helped me from IB Math and IB Physics HL, all the way to Math 154, Math 152, Phys 101, and Phys 102 at SFU. Not only does he provide concise and easy to understand notes, he also will send lots of practice outside of tutorials if needed, and is very accommodating to student schedules. Many times he held extra sessions with me before major tests. He also tries to connect with his students, and is always very kind to give general life advice as well. I feel that my education was enriched with his help, and am super grateful for all the help from TTS and Silviu. 


    College Math
    Valmay V.

    Responsive and excellent communicator

    My daughter and Emily are getting along well.  My daughter is learning a lot which is the goal!  Emily is responsive and has excellent communication skills.   Although it is still early days, we are very pleased with her.

    Grade 11 Math

    Anna K.

    Reliable, flexible, and dependable

    Teachers’ Tutoring Service has been providing students with one-to-one professional tutoring of a consistently high standard since 1983.



    Years of experience

    38 years of experience providing tutoring services.


    Professional tutors

    Over 200+ professional, qualified tutors


    Over 1,000+ students each year

    Serving over 1,000 clients each year


    Elementary and Intermediate K-7

    Our primary and intermediate level tutors can help will all subjects at K-7 levels including:

    • English including Reading, Writing, Spelling
    • Math
    • Science
    • French K-7
    • French Immersion
    • ESL
    • SSAT
    • Study Skills

    High School grades 8-12, IB and AP

    For students in grades 8-12 we can suggest tutors who specialize in a specific subject.

    • Math A/W, FOM, Pre-Calculus, SAT
    • Calculus
    • Sciences 8-10, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, others
    • English, English Literature, Essay Writing
    • English SAT
    • Communication
    • Humanities
    • ESL
    • Social Studies 8-10, History, Geography, Law
    • French 8-12
    • French Immersion
    • Other languages including Spanish, Mandarin
    • Study Skills
    • Research Skills

    Adult Learning and College subjects

    TTS can also match you with tutors specializing in adult and college teaching. **Please note that based on the prep time involved in a university level course, the tutor may charge prep time as well as tutoring time.

    • Adult ESL
    • Adult High School equivalency
    • College Math
    • College Calculus
    • College Physics
    • College Chemistry
    • College Biology
    • College English
    • College Essay Writing
    • College French


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    Are you a qualified BC teacher interested in tutoring?

    We are a non-profit society established over 30 years ago, by teachers, for teachers. Our system is flexible and our rates are very competitive. We are looking for applicants with teaching qualifications and experience. Additionally, e pride ourselves on being easy to work with and committed to excellent customer service to both our tutors and clients.

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