Teachers’ Tutoring Service (TTS) has been providing students with one-to-one professional tutoring of a consistently high standard at a reasonable rate since 1983.

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math tutor

Math Tutor

Our Math tutors are highly qualified professionals with degrees in Math or Engineering as well as Education. They specialize in primary and high school Math, including Pre-Calculus and Calculus as well as IB and AP Math, and SAT Math exams as well as college level Math. Find a Math Tutor.

English Tutor

English Tutor

Our English Tutors have degrees in English, English Literature or related fields as well as degrees in Education. Some are even published authors. They are able to help with English of all levels, including exam preparation for English provincial Exam or SAT English. Find an English Tutor.

Science Tutor

Science Tutor

Our Science tutors have degrees in various sciences including Biology, Chemistry or Physics and are able to help with middle and high school level Science classes. In addition to that some are qualified to assist students with college level subjects. Find a Science Tutor.

other subjects

Other Subjects

Apart from Math, English or Science, we are able to connect you with tutors who are qualified to tutor other primary school and high school subjects. Many of our tutors are also qualified to assist students with learning disabilities including Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, and others. Find a Tutor.

The Mozart Effect – music improves SAT scores

The Study Is there a correlation between one’s musical taste and level of intelligence? A study by PhD student Virgil Griffiths suggests there may be. The research uses the results taken from a survey of US college students, determining their musical tastes, and... read more

Tutoring services for children with Autism

Tutoring children with Autism.   Children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often benefit from qualified tutoring help in order to achieve better results at school. At Teachers’ Tutoring Service we put you in contact with teachers who have training in... read more

Are You Prepared for the AP Calculus Exam?

 The Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus course and AP Calculus Exam The Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus course is a college-level course designated for high school students who would like to broaden their mathematical skills and pursue a career in science, engineering,... read more

Are you a BC Certified Teacher looking for tutoring assignments?

We are a non-profit society run by people who understand the school system.  When you join Teachers’ Tutoring Service (TTS), you become part of a network of qualified BC teachers.

We are currently accepting application for 2015/2016 school year from qualified BC Teachers. Click below to find out more about our service and to apply online.


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