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math tutor

Math Tutor

Our math tutors are highly qualified professionals with degrees in Math and/or Engineering as well as Education. They specialize in primary and high school Math, including Pre-Calculus and Calculus, IB and AP Math, SAT Math exams as well as college level Math. Find a Math Tutor.

English Tutor

English Tutor

Our English tutors have degrees in English, English Literature and related fields as well as degrees in Education. Some are even published authors. They are able to help with English at all levels, including exam preparation for English Provincial Exams and SAT English. Find an English Tutor.

Science Tutor

Science Tutor

Our science tutors have degrees in various sciences including Biology, Chemistry and Physics and are able to help with middle and high school level science classes. Some are also qualified to assist students with college level science subjects. Find a Science Tutor.

other subjects

Other Subjects

In addition to Math, English and Science, we have tutors who are qualified to tutor other primary school and high school subjects. Many of our tutors are also qualified to work with students with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, and others. Find a Tutor.

The first meeting went great and we scheduled Ken K. to come for regular one hour sessions where he tutors both PreCalculus 11 and Physics 11. Our daughter is very happy with how the first 3 sessions have gone and looks forward to continuing with Ken.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math Pre-Calculus & Physics / Grade 11
October 17, 2019

We had Gerry M. over last Friday afternoon for our son’s first tutoring session. We were very impressed with how prepared and knowledgeable Gerry was with the Physics 11 & PreCalculus 11 material. Thank you for finding us the right fit for our needs!  

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Physics & Math Pre-Calculus / Grade 11
October 15, 2019

Nadi T. has been a fantastic tutor for our son this past year. She helped him to gain knowledge and understanding with math and also gain confidence with a subject he was struggling with. We are very grateful for all her help and expertise!

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math / Grade 11
October 10, 2019

The service was seamless and we have booked our first session for next week with Ray B.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math / Grades 5 & 7
October 8, 2019

We used Lori F. for tutoring Math 11 for my daughter. Lori is very good and my daughter is quite satisfied with the tutoring she is getting. Thank you.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math Pre-Calculus 11
September 30, 2019

I am writing to thank you and Maher M. He did a great job tutoring my son last year.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math Pre-Calculus 10
September 30, 2019

We appreciate Lori B’s tutoring help. She is caring and passionate. My nephew has met with her for a few weeks now, and he has nothing but good things to say about her.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
English Language Learning/Grade 11
September 23, 2019

Yes, we hired Jennifer K. She was wonderful, thanks.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Primary/Grade 3
August 19, 2019

We will continue with tutoring next year. Leon L. has become a fixture at the home and the student has so benefited from his presence.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math & English / Gr. 10
July 25, 2019

Eric C. was very good with guiding me through each chapter that I did not know well. He was able to properly teach me methods that were easy to use and gave me a better understanding of what I was struggling with the most. It was great to see how much he was able to… Read more “Math 11 Pre-Calculus”

Wyatt C.
Math Pre-Calculus 11
June 24, 2019

I wanted to say thank you to Peri S. for the wonderful job she has done with our son this school year… his math grades have never been better. It is all thanks to her so I want to say how grateful we are.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math / Grade 7
June 17, 2019

We ended up engaging Kia A. to help our daughter prepare for her math final. We had two sessions with the first one for an hour and the second for 1.5 hours. She wrote the exam yesterday and did better than expected so the tutoring was definitely worthwhile. Thank you for your assistance,

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math PreCalculus / Grade 11
June 7, 2019

We used Conor H. and he’s been fantastic!

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
English/Essay Writing Grade 6
June 3, 2019

Silviu is a phenomenal tutor, and really helped me improve my performance in IB Physics and IB Mathematics in both Grade 11 and Grade 12. Providing exercises and practice packages for each topic covered, Silviu ensured that my skills were sharpened and that I was able to work efficiently and accurately under the pressure of… Read more “Silviu is a phenomenal tutor”

Vedanshi V.
IB Physics 11 and 12, IB Mathematics 11 and 12
May 23, 2019

I just wanted to give you some feedback about your tutor, Saiqa M. She’s really great and my girls love her! Their French teacher said we could “fire” the tutor because they’ve already caught up, but the girls wants to keep her!

parent feedback to the office
French Immersion/Grades 2 & 5
April 30, 2019

I have worked with Silviu Z for the past year in an effort to pass my university level Math course. He cares for his students’ success in the course and is very helpful.

Landon K
MATH 121 - first year university course
April 23, 2019

Thank you. My son has been meeting Amirsalar H. Lovely young man and extremely reliable. Extremely impressed.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math Pre-Calculus/Grade 12
April 18, 2019

This service is excellent and we have used many of your tutors; Eric C., Saiqa M., and Rouzbeh K. We have found them all to be wonderful tutors and very accommodating:)  Thank you so much!

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Calculus 12, Physics 12, English 9
April 11, 2019

My daughter’s first session with Nadi T. went so well. She said that “for the first time Math made sense!”  

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math Pre-Calculus 10
March 4, 2019

It was really nice to see my son concentrate on his work. The tutor was really nice. His relaxed approach made it easy for my son to follow along and contribute.

Math 10
February 25, 2019

Madhi M. has come over for 1 session so far. He is really good and knows his stuff. We will keep going with him.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math Pre-Calculus 10
February 5, 2019

We had Thomas C. out today. It went really well. My son liked him.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math Pre-Calculus 11
February 5, 2019

The whole experience working with TTS was very positive. Response time with names of tutors was quick and the tutor, Lisa J., we found is an excellent fit. Lisa is caring, knowledgeable about teaching & the school system, is expert at what she does as well as reliable.

Andrea T.
Mathematics 8
February 4, 2019

Thank you for recommending Isaiah L. He is a very good tutor. Your services and follow-up are great.

Donna N.
Math 8
February 2, 2019

We chose Arthur H. and he has been marvelous. We originally scheduled for Physics and now my son is going to continue this semester for Pre-Calculus. This has been a great experience and I have recommended your website several times. Thank you.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Physics 12 & Math Pre-Calculus 12
January 28, 2019

Your tutor, Luigi Z., taught my son Physics and Chemistry. He is very knowledgeable in both subjects. He is able to explain the concepts very clearly. My son has improved his grade tremendously from his teaching. I will highly recommend him to students who need help in Physics or Chemistry.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Physics & Chemistry 12
January 11, 2019

I have been tutored by Silviu Z. for over 3 years now. IB Math SL, Math 1171 (Calculus I at Langara College), Statistics 1124, and Physics 1118 were the courses that I was tutored in. With Silviu’s skill set in tutoring all level Math and Physics, I was given a very good service which allowed… Read more “Tutoring Feedback”

Arshbir A.
Physics, Math College level
December 21, 2018

I had Silviu Z. as a tutor for many years, with him helpfully reinforcing concepts taught in my IB Math SL, IB Physics HL/SL, and MATH157 (Calculus I for the Social Sciences) courses. He was a great help in the higher level courses, as his university-level expertise provided me with confidence in my university education.… Read more “Superior teaching abilities!”

Brendan W
IB Math SL, IB Physics HL/SL, MATH157
December 18, 2018

My son had his first session with Yuliya H. after school today. She was on time and very professional. He will meet her every week to get help with Math 10 assignments. So far so good.

Joanne A.
Math 10
November 15, 2018

My daughter had her first session this morning with Shana S. and it went very well. My daughter really liked her and is happy to continue having sessions with her. Thank you so much!  

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math 7
November 9, 2018

We saw Lori F. today. She seemed very calm, patient, and understanding. We just started a math session today so will see how it goes tomorrow when she comes back for a second session. My son really needs help as he is presently failing his Math…he is overwhelmed but the first session went very well… Read more “Thank You!”

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math 8
November 8, 2018

Mr. Silviu Z. prepared me for the Stat test at Langara. He covered everything in great detail and took the time to answer all my questions and concerns about the test. He made it easy to understand the content. Coming into the test, I wasn’t as nervous as I usually am because I knew that… Read more “Silviu Z. prepared me”

Gabby G.
Math Diagnostic Test - Statistics (Langara)
November 7, 2018

We contacted Masoud L. and arranged a session on Saturday afternoon. My child felt that his assistance was quite valuable and now feels very comfortable with the unit material. We anticipate arranging more sessions in the future.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math Pre-Calculus 11
November 5, 2018

We have retained Hong Y. and she started with my daughter this past Sunday. I believe they will work well together. We find Hong to be a wonderful lady. Thank you for the follow up and assistance.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math 11 Pre-Calculus
October 29, 2018

Thank you for referring Mahdi M. and Preet N. to us!

Patrick M.
Pre Calculus 11/12, Physics 11, Chemistry 12
October 23, 2018

Thank you so much for helping my daughter find the perfect tutor. We had Leon L. come to our house to help with Math and we couldn’t be happier. We will definitely continue seeing him for as long as she needs help.

Lori C.
Math 10
October 22, 2018

We had Ali M. over at our house on Tuesday evening and he was fabulous with our son.  They spent two hours together and my son felt great afterwards.  We will have Ali over again this Sunday for another two hours of teaching.  Thank you so much.  We are very happy.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math Pre-Calculus 11
October 12, 2018

Thank you for the contacts. Aiden M. came today and she is lovely. A perfect fit for our daughter!

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
French 9
October 11, 2018

Our daughter began tutoring with Lori B. and we were very satisfied with her support. She has a very good background in English and looks like she can help with any subject involving reading and writing.

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
English 12
October 5, 2018

Jason Y. is a wonderful tutor!

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Math Pre-Calculus 11, Chemistry 11
October 4, 2018

Shireen C. is wonderful! A really good fit for our son. She’ll be tutoring him weekly in Spanish 9. Thank you!

an email sent to us by a satisfied client
Spanish 9
October 4, 2018

My daughter had a tutoring session with Preet N. and she was great. We will be contacting her again!

Sabrina M.
Chemistry 11
October 4, 2018

TTS helped me find both English and Math Tutors. I looked at other tutoring services. They either took two or three days to get back to me and then seemed really disorganised. TTS returned my email the same day with a selection of tutors and were extremely helpful. The tutors I found were a great… Read more “Math Tutor”

Robert J.
Math and English Grade 8
September 5, 2018

I took Math 157 at Simon Fraser University and found Silviu Z. to be a very helpful tutor.

Shelby K
Calculus / University
August 27, 2018

Sending my thanks to Edmond Z. He helped my daughter in Grade 11 Pre-Calculus Math. Her grades improved and he built her confidence. He came highly recommended by a friend whose son he also tutored. We both recommend him!

Tracey G.
Math Pre-Calculus
June 26, 2018

Your tutor, Steve P., has made a huge impact on my son’s confidence and his marks for the 3rd term 🙂

Debra W.
Science 10
June 14, 2018

Meguido has proven to be a sensitive and committed tutor who has consistently shown great interest in my daughter’s success in English 12. He is flexible and non-judgemental and over time has gained her trust, helping to improve her abilities and confidence level. We have appreciated his honesty about how much work needs to be… Read more “Caring, committed English tutor”

G. E.
English 12
June 6, 2018

I am very pleased with my math tutor Eric C. He is terrific with teaching! I would recommend to anyone looking to get an A plus! Thank you tons! Very happy with how things went.

Krysta P.
Math 11
May 10, 2018

TTS responded quickly to my request for tutors and I was provided with several tutors that I could contact. After speaking to several of them, we hired Saiqa M. to tutor my son and his friend to help them prepare for the French 11 challenge exam. Saiqa understood what the boys needed to practice and… Read more “French exam prep – very satisfied with the tutoring service!”

Sara Y.
French 11
April 30, 2018

Fast response from you and from Yuliya H. I have been impressed.

Crina M.
March 6, 2018

Mr. Silviu Z. was very committed to ensuring that I understood every concept. He explained everything thoroughly and even supplied me with extra worksheets. I overcame my initial uneasiness with physics because of the help I obtained from Mr. Silviu Z. I highly recommend him to anyone needing such tutorial services.

Physics 11
February 15, 2018

I got a response from the Teachers’ Tutoring Service regarding a math and science tutor for my grade 10 and grade 11 sons.
Eric C. was prompt, attentive and very knowledgeable in the fields of math and science. I was relieved to have him on board and he has made a great difference in… Read more “Great to work with”

Maria M.
Math 10 Pre calc, Chem 11
January 8, 2018

Phil K. has met my daughter 3 times only and I can already see the positive effects of his teaching. The information is presented clearly and precisely, in a very polite and soothing manner which my daughter truly craves. That gives her the opportunity to retain the topics taught with no hesitation and great confidence.… Read more “Effective”

Iris E.
Math 9
December 31, 2017

My son is getting the help he needs. The quality of tutors your company provided was outstanding. The service, impecable.

Shane B.
Grade 12 Calculus
December 18, 2017

We recently used Eric C. for my son who was needing help in Physics 11. My son found Eric extremely helpful and in the 1 session that we used him he covered everything that was needed. We will definitely be using him again when needed.

Brenda A.
Physics 11
November 10, 2017

This was the first time I searched for a math tutor in my life … and luckily I was able to find the right person who could lead me to success. I really enjoyed the one-to-one sessions with Silviu. He was always well prepared and organized for me and he knew exactly what I needed… Read more “Kind and Dedicated Math Tutor”

Nagi I
College level basic math
November 6, 2017

Edmond Z. is an amazing physics tutor! Can explain concepts thoroughly.

Asma D.
Physics 12
November 3, 2017

Great professor
Very knowledgeable and patient. Always happy to help.
We recommend him totally.

Alejandro S.
Math 11
October 26, 2017

Our daughter needed a Chem 12 tutor. Anita G. was very flexible with trying to accommodate our schedule. Our daughter quite enjoyed her teaching and communication style. We were very pleased with Anita and really appreciate her willingness to help us out.

Fane M
Chemistry 12
October 3, 2017

Silviu was an excellent tutor who always came well prepared for our sessions. He is well organized and it is clear that he puts a lot of effort into prep time and lesson plans. I was able to improve my math skills very quickly and ended up with a good mark in the course

Jacqueline S
September 22, 2017

Super talented tutors

Dolores N
Math 9
September 18, 2017

We liked Noel the instant we met him! He put our son at ease with his kindness and patience, and within one session our son was happy to know that he would have help with Math 12 and Physics 12 every week for the school year. Noel has extensive knowledge, had a very interesting career… Read more “A patient and passionate tutor!”

Genevieve G
Math 12 and Physics 12
August 31, 2017

My son Cristian was down to the crunch on a grade 11 pre-cal Math online course and got a referral for John M. I contribute much of his success in the course “A” to his tutoring. John was efficient, extremely thorough and was excellent in getting concepts across. Worth every $.

Edena S
Pre-Cal Math 11
August 4, 2017

I was tutored by Silviu Z. He was an excellent tutor and helped improve my math grade dramatically. If I ever had any questions or wanted to study a specific subject of math, Silviu would be able to help me right away. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and I highly recommend it to anyone who… Read more “Excellent tutoring service”

Jason L
IB Math SL 11 and 12
July 7, 2017

Lori F. tutored my ESL grandchild in English reading, spelling and comprehension at the Grade 4 level. She did a wonderful job, and the student looked forward to and enjoyed each session. Her school grades improved in all subjects, and continue to be good in Grade 5.

Pat M
English 4
June 30, 2017

I have used this service several times over the past year, finding professionals to tutor students relying on my help. I am impressed with the professionalism of both the staff managing the service, and the teachers themselves. TTS is my first point for finding tutor help.

Hakan T
English, Science, Socials
June 7, 2017

Sara B. has been working with my daughter for several weeks. I can see an increase in my daughter’s confidence when doing math and an improvement in her understanding of the basic concepts and how to apply them.

Sarah S
Math 5
May 29, 2017

Carole R. is tutoring my son’s English and Social Studies since 2 years ago. She is wonderful! She gives so much support and encouragement to my son, and my son is constantly improving. He enjoys his time with Carole, listens to her well. I can see so much positive from their learning together. Carole is… Read more “She is Wonderful!”

Grace W
English 9 - 11, Social Studies 9 - 11
May 5, 2017

Our contact with teachers tutoring service has produced a most positive and encouraging result. We chose Lynne H. for math help and basic understanding for our wonderful seven year old grandson. Already he had learned to dislike school due to his embarrassment and shyness about asking for help. One visit with Lynne and his attitude towards… Read more “Perfect match”

Geraldine H
Math and Writing grade 2
April 11, 2017

Easy to access
Speey performing

Kevin J
April 7, 2017

Preet N. is working with our daughter on Chem 11. She is fabulous!! Preet has a very engaging and clear communication style. As well, she has been very accommodating with our schedule as we have had to change our lesson dates recently. We really hit the jackpot when we found her!

Fane M
Chemistry 11
March 2, 2017

Your tutoring service provided such a fast response to my inquiry as did Shireen which was much appreciated. My daughter is thrilled with Shireen and after only two sessions is already feeling so much more confident and excited about Spanish. Shireen’s fun spirit is infectious and the common sense approach she conveys to my daughter… Read more “Spanish tutor Shireen could not be any better!”

Lisa C
Spanish 9
February 9, 2017

My son was failing Science 10. Hannah W gave him confidence, and helped him to move from forty one percent to seventy one percent in one term. Thank you Hannah!

Phillippa A
Science 10
January 17, 2017

Thank you for providing a list of tutors. My son has had his first lesson with Arthur H. today. We have been inspired by his love for math, and his ability to restore a measure of confidence. We look forward to meeting with him again next week.

Math FOM/Pre-Calculus 11
January 6, 2017

Our daughter took Math 12 Pre-Calc online and wanted to finish it quickly. We hired Sharon to tutor her and she was amazing. Our daughter said she explained clearly and made the concepts understandable. I highly recommend TTS tutors!

Reesa M.
Math 12 Pre-Calculus
October 24, 2016

Quick response and great list of referrals that live in my area that specialized in the subject that my child needed tutoring. Found someone 2 days after contacting the tutoring service. Highly recommend it.

Math Pre-Calculus 11
October 14, 2016

My daughter worked with Stephanie last year for grade 10 math and science, and she was just excellent. It made a really big difference in our daughter’s success. Stephanie was very proactive, organized and professional. She was excellent at explaining the concepts and tailoring strategies to our daughter’s needs and learning style. I wouldn’t hesitate… Read more “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!”

Math and Science 10
October 7, 2016

We requested a referral for a tutor earlier in the summer and receive a quick response with four quality choices. We will be meeting one of the teachers next week, and hopefully setting up a schedule for the fall. Thanks for your assistance!

Math, English, Science 8
August 21, 2016

We contacted Lisa S. and have been working with her and hope to continue to do so once school resumes. Lisa has been absolutely wonderful in motivating and working with my 13 year old son to assist him with French. Lisa is punctual, accommodating, reliable and is very positive and enthusiastic in her approach to tutoring. She… Read more “We feel very fortunate to have found such a great tutor”

Dean F.
August 19, 2016

This is a testimonial about the tutor Paul S. Paul is extremely professional and I believe I will get a good mark in my final exam for neuroscience because of his teaching. I highly recommend! 5*

August 9, 2016

Our daughter missed quite a bit of school last term due to health issues. She would have had an extremely difficult time covering all the material for Biology 11 on her own and was not confident that she would have been able to pass the course. We had Lani K. over for 3 tutoring sessions… Read more “Our daughter ended up with a 92% on her final exam”

Diane M
Biology 11
July 7, 2016

To whom it may concern, My husband and I, would like to express our many thanks to you, for recommending Nancy P, who was a tutor for our grade 12 graduate this year.
Nancy genuinely cares, is very intelligent, and is the reason our son did as well as he did.
Thank you… Read more “Thank you”

Toby and Shelley
Math 12
June 30, 2016

I am writing in appreciation for the excellent instruction my son Jayden received from Vik in Calculus/Math. Vik’s methods were upbeat, knowledgeable, and my son never dreaded his sessions. He was very flexible with J’s intense athletic schedule and always on time and prepared. He kept on top of what J was studying on his… Read more “We are very grateful. You have an excellent instructor on your team”

Shauna, Parent   
June 29, 2016

I just wanted to extend our sincere thanks to Teachers’ Tutoring Service and specifically our daughter’s math tutor, Gurmeet S. Gurmeet was kind, patient and extremely helpful. Our daughter learned more from her in a few weeks than she had from her own math teacher over a full semester. Thank you again.

June 21, 2016

It was such a relief to find qualified people at a reasonable price. Wish I’d found you a year ago!

Math 5
May 7, 2016

Hi, This is Rahma, I got a tutor from your guys her name is Hanh. She’s currently tutoring me math 10,11,12 and chemistry. She’s very kind, patient, helps cover all the basics and she does not mind taking extra time out of her schedule to help you out. She’s such a great tutor and me… Read more “Such a great tutor”

Rahma M
Math, Chemistry 10-12
March 9, 2016

We requested help for our daughter for Math 10 and Janice R has been absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the recommendation. She’s been incredibly helpful!

Math 10
January 6, 2016

We did see Marilyn and she is lovely and very helpful.  We will definitely use her services again as needed. Lauren has also seen Shannon S. for physics on a few occasions.  I must say that Shannon is fabulous! She goes above and beyond.  She follows up and is very accommodating as to lesson times.  She is very kind and… Read more “Truly seems to care about her students”

Math, Physics 11
December 1, 2015

Hi, my daughter Jena recently had Lori for the first time and we are very pleased to see the organization and plan that she has set up for my daughter. We feel that this is a great fit and hope it leads to great success for Jena.   

Lori B.
October 24, 2015

Hi TTS, just wanted to say thanks for providing math tutors for my daughters. They went from confused and frustrated to confident and knowledgeable. I also appreciated that the tutor was just a short walk from our home.   

September 22, 2015

Justin had three sessions with Janice R. She was fabulous and just what he needed! He is writing his final exam now. May ask if she is available in the fall.

Sandra D.
July 24, 2015

Hi Carole, This is M., I’m a student you tutored last summer. I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to email and say hi, and to tell you about my final English mark which you asked me to keep you posted about. I completed the English 12 Provincial with a score of 93%,… Read more “I completed the English 12 Provincial with a score of 93%”

M. L.
English 12
July 23, 2015

Dear TTS, I am writing in appreciation for the excellent instruction our daughter, Claire, received from Gloria. W. Gloria. was pleasant, upbeat, knowledgeable, always on time, and willing to meet with C. at any time to help her with math. C’s grades improved significantly with Gloria’s generous instruction and we are very grateful. You have… Read more “You have an excellent instructor on your team.”

Shary, Parent
July 2, 2015

Hi Gerry M, Good news! Your time and approach made a difference, as Adam passed Physics 12. He did pretty well on his Final exam. His best mark actually, as compared with his term marks for all 3 terms. So, thanks very much!

Physics 12
June 19, 2015

We got a tutor from you for my daughter Tessa. Malcolm M. was so great and Tess really liked him. He is very flexible and she has found him very helpful. He has a good sense of humour, knows the material well and is very kind. My daughter really liked his style – thank you… Read more “Thank you for the referral”

June 11, 2015

We worked with Sharon this year for Pre-Cal 12 tutoring. She was absolutely wonderful and very helpful with my son

J. H.
Math 12
June 3, 2015

Jennifer Hrupp- Wonderful tutor … Thank you!!!

June 3, 2015

Hi, We’ve used Janice R. a couple of times. She is awesome…my daughter really likes her. Thanks!

Susan B.
June 3, 2015

Just wanted to express our gratitude for Tommy the math tutor. My son thought he was great and he did an excellent job. Thank you for your service, it means the world to us

S. B.
January 28, 2015

We are currently working with Silviu Z. from your company, for Math and there are not enough good words to express how much our son has improved and how grateful we are for all his help.

Carmen C.
Math 12
December 30, 2014

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