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Teachers’ Tutoring Service helps you find the best tutors available. Our tutors are qualified to teach in BC, have tutoring experience and a good knowledge of the curriculum.

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Fill in our form and we will email you a list of available tutors for your area and requested subject.

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Review tutor biographies and correspond with the tutors.  Find the right tutor to meet your specific needs.

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At TTS there are no contracts or obligations – you and your tutor schedule your sessions based on your needs.

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Competitive rates

TTS is a non-profit company which offers competitive rates for highly qualified tutors.

Our rate is $53/hr per hour with no minimums required – simply pay as you go on an hourly basis.

Please note that effective on September 1st 2024, our tutoring rate will increase from $53 to $55 per hour.


Not for Profit Tutoring
in Vancouver

Established in 1983, with the support of the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF), Teachers’ Tutoring Service (TTS) mandate is to provide students with one-to-one professional tutoring of a consistently high standard at a reasonable rate. Our over 200 tutors are BC Certified, and available to tutor students in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey and other areas of Metro Vancouver.


BC Certified Teachers:

Our tutors have professional teaching qualifications and are familiar with the BC curriculum.


No commitments or contracts:

When you hire a tutor with TTS there are no obligations – no contracts, no minimum requirements and no deposits are required.


Superior staff and customer service:

We are here to help you find the best tutor for your specific needs.  


You select your tutor:

We provide you with options and you choose the tutor that best suits your specific needs.


Non Profit:

We have been operating in the Greater Vancouver area for over 40 years as a non profit society of BC.   Our goal is to provide professional, quality affordable tutoring services.

The online option was good

We are working with Ronald P. The online option was good. Thank you for your help and support.


Physics 11

Shamma G.

Thank You!

Please thank Charles W. for his wonderful support of Kayla. He’s just been absolutely fantastic.


Math 9


Excellent tutor I would recommend without hesitation!

Lorraine M. is an excellent tutor and I would recommend her without hesitation.  She has a gentle manner which my son really appreciated.  She is very easy to approach and has a friendly personality.  We have been lucky to work with her for just over two years and have found her to be very dedicated and flexible.  She is very knowledgeable and thorough with her tutoring!  Thank you Lorraine for all of the support that you have provided!  Thank you also to TTS.  This is an excellent service!

Thank you once again!


English 12 & Socials Studies 12
Salima D.

Unwavering dedication and hard work

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Lori F. for her exceptional tutoring of our son, Cristiano in Math throughout this season. Her unwavering dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed.

Thank you once again for everything!


Math 9
Vasso I.

Respected my learning pace, but still covered the material in a timely manner

My name is Shreyanshi and I took IB Physics and Math SL tutorials for grades 11 and 12 at TTS with Mr. Silviu Z. The tutoring sessions were most helpful as we covered new topics, consolidated lessons through practice questions, built on previous topics, and did practice exams before tests at school. I appreciated how we worked at my learning pace, but it was still ensured that all the material was covered in a timely manner. Thank you.


IB Physics and Math SL – Grades 11 and 12
Shreyanshi V.

High Quality and Professional Tutoring Services

My name is Ariana, and for the past two years, I have been receiving IB physics standard level and IB mathematics higher level tutoring from Mr. Silviu Z. His instructions are both highly engaging and simple to comprehend, despite the complexity of the materials. If you feel uncertain about any particular concept, he is always willing to assist you and furnish you with helpful resources to ensure your successful mastery of the subjects. I have progressed from narrowly passing to earning excellent grades in both IB subjects without experiencing any boredom. He assisted me in completing the IB examination with confidence. I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Silviu Z. to students who are deficient in fundamental knowledge or keen on engaging in competitions that are particularly pertinent to the fields of mathematics and physics. Also, I strongly recommend TTS tutoring services. Thank you so much to Mr. Silviu Z. and to TTS for the high quality services.


IB Math HL and IB Physic SL
Ariana P.

Quality Support & Expert Advice

I have had the privilege of being a student of Mr. Silviu Z. for the past four years in which I have been tutored in various grades of high school Math and Physics. His organization and preparedness for all tutorials made all experiences with him appear seamless and informative. He is a skilled teacher who is well-versed with the content he teaches. The materials provided were always helpful, namely with the AP Calculus AB course in which he offered expert advice, useful resources, and thorough preparation for the AP exam. 

Would definitely recommend Silviu Z. and the TTS service to anyone who is looking for quality support with their academics. 


Alex J.


AP Calculus AB
Alex J.

Quick and easy to use matching service

Patricia K. has been great for my daughter. She has a bright demeanor and is very engaging in her approach. The OG method of spelling appears to be working well after two sessions, and my daughter looks forward to continuing her work with Patty. We feel lucky to have found someone with so much skill and experience.

Thanks to TTS for offering such a quick and easy to use matching service! I will recommend TTS to all my friends.



English Grade 4
Steve M.

Dedicated Tutor

Abel was a very dedicated tutor. He prepared a lot of materials to help me review and went above and beyond for his students. He helped me improve my marks in Chemistry and Biology. 100% would recommend him as a tutor.



Biology & Chemistry, Grade 11
Linh T.

Excellent Follow-Up

Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my request and for your excellent follow-up. I think the TTS service is wonderful. 

Best regards.


Physics, Grade 11
Nita J.

Reliable, flexible, and dependable

Teachers’ Tutoring Service has been providing students with one-to-one professional tutoring of a consistently high standard since 1983.



Years of experience

40 years of experience providing tutoring services.


Professional tutors

Over 200+ professional, qualified tutors


Over 1,000+ students each year

Serving over 1,000 clients each year


Elementary and Intermediate K-7

Our primary and intermediate level tutors can help will all subjects at K-7 levels including:

  • English including Reading, Writing, Spelling
  • Math
  • Science
  • French K-7
  • French Immersion
  • ESL
  • SSAT
  • Study Skills

High School grades 8-12, IB and AP

For students in grades 8-12 we can suggest tutors who specialize in a specific subject.

  • Math A/W, FOM, Pre-Calculus, SAT
  • Calculus
  • Sciences 8-10, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, others
  • English, English Literature, Essay Writing
  • English SAT
  • Communication
  • Humanities
  • ESL
  • Social Studies 8-10, History, Geography, Law
  • French 8-12
  • French Immersion
  • Other languages including Spanish, Mandarin
  • Study Skills
  • Research Skills

Adult Learning and College subjects

TTS can also match you with tutors specializing in adult and college teaching. **Please note that based on the prep time involved in a university level course, the tutor may charge prep time as well as tutoring time.

  • Adult ESL
  • Adult High School equivalency
  • College Math
  • College Calculus
  • College Physics
  • College Chemistry
  • College Biology
  • College English
  • College Essay Writing
  • College French


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Are you a qualified BC teacher interested in tutoring?

We are a non-profit society established over 40 years ago, by teachers, for teachers. Our system is flexible and our rates are very competitive. We are looking for applicants with teaching qualifications and experience. Additionally, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with and committed to excellent customer service to both our tutors and clients.

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