Tips for choosing a tutor

How should you go about choosing the right tutor for your child? Each students’ learning needs are specific to that student. One-to-one tutoring can provide the right match between tutor and student. Here are some helpful tips to choose the right tutor:

Ask about the tutor’s availability

Schedule lessons at a time when the child is most ready to learn. The frequency of lessons depends on the needs of the student. Discuss your goals with the tutor. Are you looking for a one time lesson to prepare for a test, or are you looking for long-term tutoring? Practice and repetition of concepts requires more frequency than a single lesson to prepare for a test. After one or two tutoring lessons, the tutor will have a better idea of how many lessons per week are recommended.

Ask about the tutor’s training, experience, and teaching style

Most of our tutors are BC Certified Teachers and all of our tutors have the education that allows them to teach specific subjects. There are, however, differences between each tutor. You will want to ask the tutor about the subject that he or she will be tutoring — have they taught or tutored the subject before, do they know the current curriculum, what teaching style do they prefer. Please discuss your child’s specific needs with the tutor. Each tutor has a unique teaching style and their own teaching philosophy. Invite the tutor for an initial lesson and ask your child and the tutor for feedback, keeping in mind that often a few lessons are necessary to determine if the tutor and student are a good match.

Math tutor

Ask how you can monitor your child’s progress

You can ask your tutor how your child is doing in the tutoring sessions. You may speak with the tutor directly after the lesson, or for a longer discussion, you may set up an appointment time with the tutor. Please note that any meeting with the tutor will be charged as tutoring time.

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