Tutoring Aid Society

Tutoring Aid Society (TAS) is the charity branch of Teachers’ Tutoring Service (a non-profit society). The Tutoring-Aid Society (TAS) coordinates tutoring services and provides funding for Metro Vancouver students whose financial constraints prevent them from accessing high-quality, certified teacher tutors.  

TAS ‘piggy-backs’ on Teachers’ Tutoring Service by sharing staff and tutors to reduce operating costs and to provide access to certified teachers wanting to tutor.   

The Society is governed by an active and dedicated Board, administered by a volunteer Executive Director and Coordinator, and its services are delivered by contracted tutors, all of whom are certified teachers.

Assisting students in need since 1992

Throughout the years, we have assisted over 500 students to achieve their full potential. Post-pandemic, these challenges are more prevalent than ever. We want to ensure that these students get the educational help they need to succeed.

Who TAS serves

online tutoring

Throughout 30 years, TAS has provided more than $300,000 in tutoring hours to our Metropolitan Vancouver elementary and high school students. Students are referred to TTS and TAS by principals, resource teachers, counsellors, and/or teachers or by students and families who directly contact the organization.

Students are vetted based on financial and academic need for subsidized tutoring and require a qualified educator’s recommendation. We do not discriminate on the basis of current academic performance but evaluate progress throughout the program to ensure students are meeting their academic goals regardless of their starting points.

We provide an essential resource for students in low-income communities.  While a high percentage of Metro Vancouver students face the extra challenges of poverty, TAS for the past 33 years has enabled hundreds of such students to receive quality one-to-one tutoring to help equalize their chances of academic success.

Ways to help

TAS provides free one-on-one virtual tutoring for students who are struggling in school, helping them gain the skills and confidence needed to succeed. This would not be possible without the help from our sponsors. Please consider supporting our charity using the options below.

  • Donation is secure and easy through Canada Helps and is tax refundable.
  • All proceeds go to funding the students’ tutoring.
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