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Tutoring children with Autism.


Children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often benefit from qualified tutoring help in order to achieve better results at school. At Teachers’ Tutoring Service we put you in contact with teachers who have training in teaching students with learning challenges. This includes students on the Autism Spectrum. Our tutors can provide tutoring for various subjects at any grade level.

TTS is working closely with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), who provides two Autism Funding Programs. If you have been approved for one of the programs and you hire a TTS tutor you do not need to pay for the tutoring services. Instead TTS will bill the MCFD directly and inform you if the funds are close to running out.

How to apply for the MCFD Autism Funding Programs: for children ages 6-18


Autism Funding program for children ages 6-18 can be used for out-of-school support/tutoring In addition to the regular school program. This funding is in addition to the educational program and special education services provided through boards of education.

When you receive the BCAAN Clinical Outcome Form (also known as the Panter) or the Non-BCAAN (Private) Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder form you should contact your local MCFD office to complete a funding agreement.

A social worker will be assigned to lead you through the application process.

  • You will need to show the following documents:
  •  Proof of the child’s age (Birth Certificate)
  •  Current BC Care Card for the child
  •  The BCAAN Clinical Outcome form or the Non-BCAAN (Private) Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder form

Note that only one parent will be able to sign for autism funds from the BC government, so that same parent should also sign the Application for Autism Funding.

Applying for a TTS tutor


You can apply for a TTS tutor at any time, even before the funding from the MCFD has been approved. You can email us with all the necessary information or fill out the Find a Tutor form. Once you receive the tutor contact list, you can contact the tutors directly and arrange for a meeting – please remember to inform the tutor that you have been approved for the Autism Funding and will not be paying them directly.

At the end of the month you will be asked to sign a timesheet listing all the tutoring hours for the month. We will then bill the Ministry directly.

Forms you may need to apply for the MCFD program.

For more information on the Autism Programs visit A Parent’s Handbook: Your Guide to Autism Programs.

Download pre-filled AUTISM PROGRAMS Request to pay – Teachers Tutoring Service  and speed up your MCFD program application process.

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