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One-to-one Tutoring with Certified BC Teachers in Vancouver

Let us help you find some of the best tutors available in Vancouver. Our tutors are qualified to teach in BC, have tutoring experience and a good knowledge of the curriculum.

Vancouver Tutoring Services

Tutoring Service helps you find the best tutors available in Vancouver.

The Vancouver School District is among the most diverse public school systems in Canada with an annual enrolment of approximately 50,000 students in Kindergarten to grade 12.  Teachers’ Tutoring Service has over 35 years of experience operating in Vancouver, as such we are very familiar with the diverse needs of students in Vancouver.   We have more than 100 tutors available in Vancouver to help you with your tutoring needs.


TTS is the most experienced tutoring service provider in Vancouver: 

We are the longest operating, locally run tutoring service in Vancouver.   We started providing tutoring services in Vancouver in 1983 and have been locally operating for over 35 years. 


TTS has the largest selection of tutors in Vancouver to chose from.

The Vancouver School District is among the most diverse public school systems in Canada.  TTS has the largest availability of professionally trained, BC certified teachers in Vancouver.  We offer tutors in Math, English, French, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and more – these are experienced Vancouver teachers, familiar with the School District and curriculum.


TTS is a non-profit society, registered in BC.  

That means we are accountable to our clients and our tutors.   Our purpose is to help clients find the best tutor to suit their specific needs.   Every client request is handled by our office staff in our office in Vancouver, personally –and every referral is done individually, taking your specific needs into consideration.  Whether you contact us online or by phone, we take care to provide you with the best possible service.


No commitments or contracts.

When you hire a tutor with TTS there are no obligations – no contracts, no minimum requirements and no deposits are required.


You select your tutor

At TTS we have many tutors with experience teaching in Vancouver schools.   We provide you with options and you chose the tutor that best suits your needs.


Peace of mind

Qualified online tutoring or in-person tutoring focused on fitting your needs.

Deep understanding

My daughter enjoyed working with Nadi T. and felt the session help her gain a deep understanding of the concepts she is working on. 


Physics Grade 11
Margaret M.

Very easy to work with

On Monday my daughter Justine had her first session with her math tutor Ian W. Justine said he was very easy to work with and he helped her with math questions right away. They have planned their next session, and I think they are a good match


Math College Level
Lori F.

Great Start and Service.

Hi! It was a great start with Melissa S.! She is professional and responsible. She mentioned she will talk to my son’s school teachers about his school work which we were hoping. We’re quite satisfied with her! And also I appreciate TTS, because it was very quick response and gave me some teachers info which included special needs kids expertise. Thank you so much!


Intermediate, Grade 4
Yayoi O.

The Best!

My son Nathan had his first session with Ron P. Nathan had Ron as a tutor for grade 12 chemistry and Ron really helped Nathan! We think Ron is the absolute best! Thanks again!


Chemistry, College
Rhonda T.

Excitement over learning Science

My son was really struggling to organize his time doing it solo through VLN. Purnima H. was a wonderful help and I’m grateful that she gave him some excitement and learning around science to offset the onscreen learning he was attempting to do.


Science, Grade 10
Lynette S.

An amazing teacher

B. has been working with Isaiah L. for 1.5 years for math support. Isaiah is an amazing teacher! He is knowledgeable, kind and patient. He teaches for the whole hour and stays focused.


Math, Grade 11
Vicki M.

Interactive Tutoring is beneficial

My daughter Naomi has had 2 tutoring sessions with Moira over the Christmas break.   Both sessions went very well.   My daughter was able to connect with Moira and understand her explanations.   Also, Moira’s style is very interactive as opposed to the teacher doing most of the talking and the student mainly listening. Moira seems to be very good at assessing where the lesson needs to go next. We plan to contact Moira for further assistance as required in the future. Thank you.


Physics, Grade 11
Tammy K.

Knowledgeable Tutor

This semester I had Silviu’s help in Stat 201 (Stats for the Life Sciences) at SFU. I have only done stats very briefly in the IB program in AA SL math. However, with his help and guidance, I got a very high mark. Silviu has helped me with many other courses in the past, and he is very knowledgeable and provides clear notes in Physics, Calculus, and Statistics. If you’re in need of a university level tutor in those subjects, reach out to Silviu Z or TTS!


Stat 201, University
Valmay V.

Helpful Tutor

Hi, my lesson last night with Azita went very well, I really enjoyed it. Her explanation was very helpful, and overall I thoroughly enjoyed the session. 


Pre-Calculus Math, Grade 11
Carly W.

Awesome Tutor

Hi we went with Sonia A. and have had two sessions with her so far. Another one scheduled for this Thursday. She is awesome!!!!!! Thank you so very much for recommending her. 😊


Math, Grade 9
Kim T.


Are you a qualified BC teacher interested in tutoring?

We are a non-profit society established over 30 years ago, by teachers, for teachers. Our system is flexible and our rates are very competitive. We are looking for applicants with teaching qualifications and experience. Additionally, e pride ourselves on being easy to work with and committed to excellent customer service to both our tutors and clients.

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